Ted Grant Selected Writings Vol. 2

Ted Grant Selected Works Vol. 2: The Work of Marxists in the Mass Organizations

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After Trotsky’s assassination and the end of World War II, there were new theoretical and organizational questions to be grappled with. Ted Grant’s writings on the mass organizations represent a deepening of our understanding of Bolshevik strategy and tactics when it comes to connecting the ideas of revolutionary Marxism with the working class. The experience of Militant, the largest and most successful Trotskyist organization in recent decades, offers many lessons for today. This volume is therefore an important addition to the theoretical arsenal of the current generation of Marxists.

Includes articles on British Perspectives, the Independent Labour Party, the Labour Party, the rise and fall of Militant, work in the mass organizations, the U.S. and the need for a labor party, workers' control, and more.

By Ted Grant with an introduction by John Peterson and an appendix by Rob Sewell.

288 pages.

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