Ted Grant Selected Writings Vol. 1

Ted Grant Selected Works Vol. 1: Stalinism and the USSR

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The publication of the first volume of Ted Grant's Selected Works is an important step toward making his ideas more widely known to a new generation of Marxists. Many people around the world are familiar with at least some of Grant's work, published on and Others may have read The Unbroken Thread, a selection of his works produced in the UK, but long out of print and difficult to find in the U.S. However, much of this material has never been published in book form, and never has such a volume been produced in the U.S. There is widespread confusion as to what Trotskyism is and what it isn't. This series will go a long way toward clarifying many common misconceptions.

This first volume focuses on the nature and crisis of Stalinism and the USSR and explores Grant's deepening of Trotsky's analysis of what Grant called "Proletarian Bonapartism." Grant's writings on the momentous and complex events of the 20th Century are a textbook example of how to apply the ideas and methods of Lenin and Trotsky to the world around us.

By Ted Grant with an introduction by John Peterson.

290 pages.

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