Cuba: 50 Years Later: Where is the Revolution Going?

Cuba: 50 Years Later: Where is the Revolution Going?

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A look at how the Cuban Revolution, starting out as a bourgeois democratic revolution, was forced to move against capitalism in order to achieve its aims, a brilliant confirmation of Trotsky’s theory of the Permanent Revolution. He also looks at the contradictory tendencies within Cuba in the early years after the revolution. He then examines how Cuba resisted the pressures to follow the capitalist road as happened in the Soviet Union and China, undergoing a serious crisis in the process. Now, however, there are growing pressures also inside Cuba to adopt the so-called “Chinese model”, i.e. changes that would eventually lead to the re-establishment of capitalism on the island. But there are also those who resist this idea and are seeking ways of securing the gains of the revolution, which can only be achieved through deepening workers’ control and management of industry and society and by the revolution’s spread internationally.

By Jorge Martin.

16 pages.

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