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Subscription to Socialist Revolution Magazine

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Interested in learning more about the International Marxist Tendency but aren't ready to join as a full member yet? Why not subscribe to Socialist Revolution, the official magazine of the IMT in the US? Currently published eight times per year, in it you will find the latest news and analysis from a Marxist perspective on national, international, labor, and theoretical issues. It is proudly written, edited, laid out, printed, and shipped with 100% union or donated labor.

Subscribe now and get each issue sent directly to your home and help support the work of the IMT. Regular price is just $25 per year. Solidarity price is $30 per year. Or get a digital subscription and have a PDF version emailed to you as soon as we go to press for just $10 per year—a great option for those living outside the US! We also ship internationally to Canada.

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