Subscription to Socialist Revolution Magazine

Subscription to Socialist Revolution Magazine

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Interested in learning more about the International Marxist Tendency but aren't ready to join as a full member yet? Why not subscribe to Socialist Revolution, the official magazine of the IMT in the US? Currently published 8 times per year, in it you will find the latest news and analysis from a Marxist perspective on national, international, labor, and theoretical issues. It is proudly written, edited, laid out, printed, and shipped with 100% union or donated labor.

Subscribe now and get each issue sent directly to your home and help support the work of the IMT. Regular price is just $25 per year. Solidarity price is $30 per year. Or get a digital subscription and have a PDF version emailed to you as soon as we go to press for just $10 per year—a great option for those living outside the US!

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