What Is Bolshevism?

What Is Bolshevism?

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The reconfiguration of public opinion over socialism in the US has unleashed a debate that is pushing socialists to ask interesting questions about what it will take to transform this society in our lifetime. Today, the need to overthrow capitalism no longer seems so abstract. Now the question is one of concrete strategy: What needs to be in place for a revolutionary mass movement to succeed in overthrowing capitalism?

For this it is indispensable to return to the lessons of Bolshevism. The October Revolution in Russia was made possible because the thousands of cadres in the party ranks had passed through two decades of training—hundreds of study circles and discussion groups that collectively imbued these individuals with the dynamic revolutionary worldview offered by Marxist theory.

The winning of political and economic power by the American working class is absolutely possible in our epoch. What is needed is to organize a network of professional revolutionaries who can intervene in the intensifying class struggle and transmit a program that transcends the limits of capitalism once and for all.

A collection of articles from Socialist Revolution magazine applying the lessons of Bolshevism to today along an excerpt from Alan Woods's Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution, and Lenin's classic article, "Where to Begin."

39 pages.

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