Frequently Asked Questions About Marxism

Frequently Asked Questions About Marxism

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Marxist theory is the bedrock upon which our political ideas, perspectives, and methods are built. It is our guide to action in an often confusing and chaotic world. It represents the collective, generalized experience of the world working class. By studying the past, we are able to learn from the innovations, mistakes, victories, and defeats of the working class as a whole. By studying theory, history, and the processes unfolding around us, we can, through a series of successive approximations, come to an ever-better understanding of the world and most importantly, we can change it.

This FAQ is intended as an introduction to some of the basic ideas and positions of the International Marxist Tendency. However, reading the classics of Marxism is the best way to understand these ideas. At first it may seem difficult, but every worker and young person knows that things worth having are worth working hard for! Patient and persistent study, discussion, and ultimately, the day-to-day application of these ideas over the course a lifetime are the key.

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