RCA At-Large Cell Starter Pack

RCA At-Large Cell Starter Pack

  • $ 30.00

Are you a communist? But there isn't an Revolutionary Communists of America branch yet where you live? Build a new RCA communist cell! This bundle of tools for revolutionary propaganda and agitation is a great starting point to find other communists in your area. It includes:

  • 100 "Are You a Communist?" Stickers
  • 50 "Are You a Communist?" Posters
  • 6 copies of The Communist, the paper of the RCA
  • 3 copies of the new RCA member welcome booklet, Building the Revolutionary Party
  • 5 booklets on introductory topics of Marxist theory and analysis:
    • Dialectical Materialism: Introduction to Marxist Philosophy
    • Historical Materialism: The Marxist View of History
    • Introduction to Marxist Economics
    • Marxism vs. Identity Politics
    • Perspectives for Revolutionary Socialism in the US

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