If America Should Go Communist

If America Should Go Communist

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No shortage of lies have been told to the American people about Marxism and socialism. And for good reason! These ideas represent a mortal threat to the profits and privileges of the tiny minority that controls this country. For decades, the specter of Stalinism has been used to prevent working people from wanting to learn more about these revolutionary and democratic ideas. 

In 1934, in the midst of the Great Depression, Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian Revolution, exposed the lies told about socialism and explained in some detail what a socialist America would really look like. “American soviets [democratically elected and recallable committees of workers, farmers, soldiers, students, neighborhood associations, etc.] will be as different from the Russian soviets as the United States of President Roosevelt differs from the Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II.”

How will the media work? Will there be freedom of speech and press? How will industry be organized? These questions and more are answered by Trotsky in this outstanding article. 

This booklet also includes a short history of Trotsky’s time in the USA in 1917, just prior to Russia to help lead the revolution.

By Leon Trotsky.

18 pages.

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