The Ideas of Karl Marx

The Ideas of Karl Marx

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Over 130 years have passed since the death of Karl Marx, the author of Capital and the Communist Manifesto. What can someone who lived and died so long ago have to offer those living and fighting for a better world today? Why should we commemorate a man who was buried in London's Highgate Cemetery way back in 1883? The reason is simple: when we speak of the relevance of Karl Marx today, we refer not to cemeteries, but to ideas—ideas that have withstood the test of time and have been completely vindicated, as many enemies of Marxism have been reluctantly forced to admit. 
For decades, the economists never tired of repeating that Marx’s predictions of an economic downturn and growing inequality were totally outdated. They were supposed to be ideas of the 19th century, and those who defended them were dismissed as hopeless utopians. However, the economic collapse of 2008 showed who was outdated, and it was certainly not Karl Marx.
It turns out that it is the ideas of the defenders of capitalism that must be consigned to the dustbin of history, while Marx has been completely vindicated.
This booklet introduces a wide range of Marx's key ideas as a guide to action for revolutionaries today.

By Alan Woods.

54 pages.

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