Teamster Rebellion

Teamster Rebellion

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From May to August of 1934, Minneapolis was rocked by a strike that would forever change the course of US labor history. This was the strike of Teamsters Local 574, a union led by Trotskyists. Many of the best techniques used by organized labor today find their origins in the Minneapolis Strike, in particular the flying picket. However, the strike’s greatest conquest was in laying the foundations for industrial unionism in North America, leading to the formation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the following years. Above all, the Minneapolis Strike demonstrated the role played by the young forces of American Trotskyism in obtaining gains for workers.

Recounted by Farrell Dobbs, a principle leader of the 1934 strike and the Socialist Workers Party.

258 pages.

Farrell Dobbs

Pathfinder Press

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