Introduction to Marxist Economics

Introduction to Marxist Economics

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Today, under the impact of the capitalist crisis, many workers have developed a thirst for economics. They are attempting to understand the forces which dominate their lives. This brief introduction to Marxist economics attempts to provide the class conscious worker not with a complete account of economics, but a guide to the basic laws of motion of capitalist society dominating his existence. The right-wing labor leaders have rejected their old god Keynes, to be replaced by “orthodox” economic solutions: cuts, wage restraint and deflation. The left reformists still cling to the capitalist policies of yesterday (reflation, import controls, etc.), which have been recognized as totally ineffective under capitalism. Only with a Marxist understanding of capitalist society can the conscious worker cut through the lies and distortion of the capitalist economists and combat their influence within the labor movement.

Includes An Introduction to Marxist Economics by Alan Woods and Rob Sewell, An Introduction to Marx's Labor Theory of Value by Mick Brooks, and Frederick Engels' introduction to Wage Labor and Capital.


32 pages.

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