China: From Permanent Revolution to Counter-Revolution (E-BOOK)

China: From Permanent Revolution to Counter-Revolution (E-BOOK)

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In this important contribution towards a Marxist understanding of one the 20th century's most important revolutionary processes John Peter Roberts examines the following questions:

  • What was the class composition and class nature of the Chinese Communist Party when it took power in 1949?

  • Despite its explicitly class-collaborationist strategy, what forces pushed Mao's regime to take the objectively socialist measures that led to the establishment of a deformed workers’ state in China?

  • The Chinese Revolution was a practical test of both Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution and Mao’s Theory of Uninterrupted Revolution by Stages. Which theory matched reality?

  • The degeneration of the Chinese People’s Republic has again confirmed that without a political revolution and workers' democracy, a Stalinist regime will inevitably return to capitalism, but how exactly did that process unfold?
  • And how women in China were impacted by the revolution—as well as by the subsequent counterrevolution.

By John Peter Roberts.

520 Pages. 

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