In Defence of Marxism Issue 32 (Winter 2021) [digital]

In Defence of Marxism Issue 32 (Winter 2021) [digital]

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*Due to COVID-19 restrictions during production, IDOM 32 is available only in digital format.*

In Defence of Marxism is the English-language theoretical journal of the International Marxist Tendency.

Laid-out and edited in the UK.

In this issue:

  • 2020s: An Epoch of Storm and Stress - Rob Sewell
  • In Defence of Materialism - Alan Woods
  • On the Significance of Militant Materialism - V.I. Lenin
  • The Necessity for the Dialectical Method - Leon Trotsky
  • Is Housework and 'Unpaid' Job - David Rey
  • Book Reviews - The Working Class Today - Daniel Morley

42 pages. Special digital format.

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