Lenin on Imperialist War

Lenin on Imperialist War

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In this collection of writings from 1907-1917, Lenin covers every pertinent theoretical and practical question on war thrown up by the imperialist epoch of capitalism. As capitalism has once again entered into a period of wars and revolutions, Lenin’s analysis is just as relevant today as it was during the First World War. 

The book deals with questions of internationalism, centrism, pacifism, syndicalism, self-determination and much more. These are questions that comrades are confronted with on a daily basis, from the Ukraine war and the idea that it is necessary to support one side or the other, to ideas about the so-called International Community saving Palestine. 

This book features an introduction by Jorge Martin, explaining how Lenin armed the Bolshevik cadres with an understanding of social-chauvinism after the shocking betrayal of the Second International, and why he went on to change how he framed his position to allow the Bolsheviks to win the masses to their program on war in 1917. This is essential reading to navigate the question of war today.

450 pages.

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