Marxism and Anarchism: A Collection of Writings (E-BOOK)

Marxism and Anarchism: A Collection of Writings (E-BOOK)

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The crisis of capitalism has shattered the illusion of the “American Dream.” Millions of people who until recently took little or no interest in politics now find themselves in the streets protesting and demonstrating against a social and political order that has become intolerable. Austerity, cuts, and constant instability is the best this system can offer the majority. Under these conditions, the ideas of libertarianism, anarchism, and socialism are all making a revival as the youth and workers search for an explanation of the crisis and a road forward. The Occupy movement was only the beginning.

The debate between Marxism and anarchism is decades old. It is no accident that as the class struggle again boils to the surface these debates are being revived. This collection of classic and contemporary writings will go a long way toward clarifying the Marxist perspective on anarchist theory and practice, and the need for a revolutionary party. The publication of this volume marks an important step forward in the theoretical arming of a new generation of class fighters in the U.S.—in preparation for the momentous struggles ahead.

Authors include Engels, Plekhanov, Lenin, Trotsky, and more, with an introduction by Alan Woods.

338 pages.

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