The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto

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The work that started it all. This booklet is the founding document of the Marxist movement and is a must-read for all students of socialism. It includes all the prefaces by Marx and Engels.

At first sight it may seem that the republication of the Communist Manifesto requires an explanation. How can one justify a new edition of a book written almost 150 years ago? Yet in reality the Manifesto is the most modern of books. The truth of this affirmation can be easily demonstrated. If we examine any bourgeois book written one and a half century ago about the same subjects, it will rapidly become clear that such a work will be merely of historical interest, with no the slightest practical application. However, the present work provides us with a profound analysis which, in an amazingly small amount of words, provides a brilliant explanation of the most fundamental phenomena which occupy our attention on a world scale at the present time.

In point of fact, the Communist Manifesto is even more true today than when it first appeared in 1848. Let us consider one example. At the time when Marx and Engels were writing, the world of the big multinational companies was still the music of a very distant future. Despite this, they explained how"free enterprise" and competition would inevitably lead to the concentration of capital and the monopolization of the productive forces. It is frankly comical to read the statements made by the defenders of capitalism concerning Marx's alleged mistake on this question, when in reality it was precisely one of his most brilliant and unquestionable predictions.

By Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

52 pages.

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