*Pre-order* The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

*Pre-order* The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

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Rosa Luxemburg is often portrayed as a soft socialist who was politically somewhere between the Communists and the Socialists. There are many myths about her and her ideas coming from many different political tendencies—from moderate welfare socialists to semi-anarchists claiming her legacy.

In this book, Marie Frederiksen sets out to explore Rosa Luxemburg's ideas, not from the distorted myths about her political ideas, or solely about personal questions such as her love life, but from Luxemburg’s very own writings.

It provides insight into the treasure trove of ideas and revolutionary theory that Luxembourg's works represent. With extensive quotes and accounts of the historical and political context in which her various texts were written, this book shows that the real Rosa Luxemburg is often very far removed from the more or less official myths: Rosa Luxemburg was, is, and remains revolutionary.

320 pages. By Marie Frederiksen. Printed in the UK

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