Bundle of The Communist

Bundle of The Communist

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The Communist is different from any other publication you’ll find in the US today. It is an instrument for building a genuine communist party. The Communist is made possible by the hundreds of Bolshevik correspondents across the U.S. whose contributions flood into our offices every day. It transmits the bold and energetic activity that the comrades engage in every day, gathering together those who want to change the world. If you are committed to ending capitalism, add your voice. The Communist is your paper as much as ours.

Due to high postage costs, the minimum order is 10 copies. Bundles of 5 are only available as add-ons to an order of 10 or more. For example, to order 45 copies, add 4 x bundles of 10 and 1 x bundle of 5.

(Due to postage costs, this is only available for US addresses. Note: We will send copies of the newest issue; cover image displayed here may vary)

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