How To Win Strikes

How To Win Strikes

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This booklet contains selections on successful militant strike tactics in history, the need for a class struggle perspective, and for the defiance and repeal of Taft-Hartley and other anti-union laws. It also contains a selection by Lenin on the strike movement that preceded the Russian Revolution.

The title of the booklet takes its name from Harry DeBoer's first-hand account of the lessons of the famous 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters' strike. DeBoer began working in the coal yards in Minneapolis in the early 1930s and became part of the initial organizing committee that led the truckers' strike in 1934. He is credited with developing the "cruising pickets," a tactic that successfully stopped scab trucks. DeBoer remained true to his principles throughout his life, and in his later years counseled many young trade unionists on labor issues and strike strategy. His essay captures with crystal clarity the lessons from the militant struggles of the 30s. It serves as a beacon of light for the working class today in its struggle to abolish exploitation and establish a genuinely free society.


32 pages.

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