Arab Revolution

IMT Manifesto on the Arab Revolution

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The Arab Revolution is a source of inspiration to workers and young people everywhere. It has rocked every country in the Middle East to their foundations and its reverberations are being felt all over the world. The dramatic events in North Africa and Egypt mark a decisive turning point in human history. These events are not isolated accidents apart from the general process of the world revolution.

What we see opening up before us is the early stages of the world socialist revolution. The same general process will unfold, albeit at different rhythms, around the globe. There will inevitably be ebbs and flows, defeats as well as victories, disappointments as well as successes. We must be prepared for this. But the general tendency will be towards a greater acceleration of the class struggle on a world scale.

The marvelous movement of the masses in Tunisia and Egypt is only the beginning. Revolutionary developments are on the order of the day and no country can consider itself immune from the general process. The revolutions in the Arab world are a manifestation of the crisis of capitalism on a world scale. The events in Tunisia and Egypt show the advanced capitalist countries their future as in a mirror.

Long live the Arab Revolution!
Workers of the world unite!
Long live socialism, the only hope for the future of humankind!
Thawra hatta’l nasr!

By the IMT.

40 pages.

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