Marxism and the Productive Forces

Marxism and the Productive Forces

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Discussion with Brazilian comrades on Marxism and the Productive Forces

We are including in this bulletin for all comrades’ information the documents relating to the discussion we held at the February 2020 IEC on Marxism and the question of the Productive Forces, which raises important theoretical questions.

The discussion was organized after the Brazilian comrades had raised differences at the 2018 World Congress with the position historically developed by the International in relation to the question of the development of the Productive Forces.

To the three documents (the initial Brazilian EC document, a reply from the IS and a reply to the IS by comrade SG) that were produced for the IEC discussion we also add a transcription of comrade AW’s remarks on the question during the IEC. As a result of the IEC discussion some changes were made to the IS and SG documents, which were finalized in July 2020.

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