Marxism vs Identity Politics

Marxism vs Identity Politics

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This document was approved unanimously by the IMT World Congress held at the end of July 2018. Its aim is to draw a clear line between the revolutionary outlook of Marxism, and the postmodernist, alien-class ideas fomented by the ruling class in academic circles, on the campuses, and in the international workers’ movement.

The historical task of Marxists is to lead the working class in a successful struggle to overthrow capitalism and establish a socialist society. Only through this process can we begin to uproot the material foundations of inequality, oppression, and exploitation. A workers’ government would fight for all workers and provide historically oppressed groups with the opportunities and resources they require to address generations of oppression and discrimination.

On the basis of genuine political and economic equality, people will begin to relate to each other on a truly humane level. A new, genuinely collective consciousness will emerge, and humanity will at last leave the dog-eat-dog world of artificial capitalist scarcity and demeaning inequality in the past.

But the socialist revolution will only succeed if we can unite a majority of workers from all backgrounds in a collective struggle against capitalism. This booklet explains how this is possible on the basis of implacable ideological and organizational class independence.


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